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Curriculum Updates

The Office of Curriculum and Instruction is responsible for what students are taught and how that instruction is delivered. Our office also focuses on the ongoing revision of all courses that are taught in the Northeastern Local School District. For example, we have just recently completed K-12 curriculum revisions in our math program. In that revision process, we mapped out the course of study taught in each grade level and determined which new curriculum program we should adopt based on our findings. Our teachers have and will continue receiving ongoing professional development to support implementing these new programs.

The most important goal for our staff is to focus on the students sitting in front of them daily to ensure that every child in NELSD continues to receive an outstanding education. Our district curriculum needs to focus on student achievement while meeting each student's unique, individual needs. It is also vital for our teachers to continue covering the Ohio State Standards in their content areas. For our teachers and support staff to complete this task successfully, it is essential for the District to provide them with ongoing professional development, advancing their professional growth as we continue to revise our curriculum in the various content areas.

If you have questions regarding Northeastern Local Schools and/or the academic programs offered, please contact Mr. Shawn Blazer at 937-325-7615.

Assistant Superintendent Shawn Blazer

Mr. Shawn Blazer
Assistant Superintendent
(937)325-7615 Ext 1002

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