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KRHS Transcript Requests

Requesting Your Final Transcript

Two questions to answer before July 1st.

After July 1you will be charged (Parchment’s processing fee is around $3.50) for each transcript you want to send.  Payment is made with a credit card when you request a transcript after July 1, through Parchment.

  1. Have you logged into Parchment to request your final transcript to the college/university/career or vocational school you plan to attend (Also, if you plan on playing a college sport you must submit your final transcript to the NCAA or NAIA Eligibility Center)?
  2. Have you logged into your Parchment account to change your email from your school to a personal email address so that you will not be locked out of your account (which was setup under your KR/CTC email) after graduation?

Parchment is a simple way to request and send your transcript. 

Step 1: Sign in at, Click Sign Up to log in or register

Step 2: Click Get Started and Add your High School to your Profile

Step 3: Select Destinations such as colleges, NCAA, Common Application

Step 4: To send a Final Transcript select "Hold For Grades" option

Step 5: Complete the waiver and Transcript Authorization form by eSigning

Step 6: Provide debit/credit card payment if there are any fees (Fees start July 1st)

Step 7: The status of your request will be emailed and updated in your Account

Also, students who took CCP Courses while in high school must request a transcript from the college that they earned college credit from to be sent to the university/college they plan to attend in the Fall.


If you have questions or need support, contact the Kenton Ridge Main Office at (937) 390-1274.